Do you want to sell more books? (keep reading)

Do you want to be more visible in your marketplace? (we can show you how)

Do you want your book to stand out from the crowd? (it’s easier than you think)

It doesn’t matter how well you write, it matters how well you sell.

Well, of course it matters how well you write if you want your readers to keep coming back. But, you’ve got to get a reader to keep a reader.

Take a moment to picture this: on a cold dark night a reader wanders alone, searching for something, longing to be lost in a fantasy world.

A beautiful beacon appears on the horizon, the lonely reader lifts his head and follows it like moth – he doesn’t know why but he wants it, he needs it, he is compelled to touch it.

It sounds like the beginning of a short story, but millions of readers out there are waiting for inspiration.

With a high impact cover design like these, your book can be their beacon.

With thousands of books competing for your reader’s attention.

You have ONE chance to be noticed.

Your cover is the first thing a reader sees so it has to be:

BEAUTIFUL – people pay far more attention to things they find attractive, their eyes are instinctively drawn to them

UNIQUE – people are naturally drawn to things that are new and unique, they stand out and get noticed

Some authors pay a lot of money for highly skilled designers to create beautiful, unique book covers – but unless you’ve got a huge marketing budget and a huge following of regular readers, that can be risky.

Other authors turn to lesser skilled freelancers who produce ‘ok’ book covers, but when their books are up against the competition, they fail to grab the attention they need to convert a browser to a reader.

A few authors try to save money by creating their own book covers, but without an understanding of sales psychology, influence and attraction, their time is better elsewhere.

Here are some things you need to consider:

Cost – great designers are expensive, they should be. A great designer has the skills needed to make readers want to buy your book. A professional book cover can be the difference between a best-seller and the bargain bin.

Time – many authors make a fatal mistake when hiring a designer, they wait too long. A great designer is busy, working with many clients who plan ahead and book them well in advance of their book launches.

Risk – working with a designer can be a pleasure when things go right, but things can go wrong… deadlines missed, miscommunication, family emergencies and other quality issues.

There is a way to minimise the cost, time and risk of hiring a designer.

We create high-impact, beautiful, unique book covers to help you attract more readers.

Hire us to create a custom book cover for your future best-seller, or choose one of our unique pre-made covers.

Every day, we add a new book cover to the collection – join the “iLoveCovers Insiders” group where members get early-bird access to new covers and exclusive special offers.

Karl Warren

Karl Warren

Lead creative designer with more than 10 years experience producing book covers, logos and websites for authors and marketers.

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